splashin' around

>> Tuesday, October 28, 2008

here is missy ava playing in mimi and poppy's bathtub...she had so much fun splashin' around!
btw: if you click on the image it will show it bigger :)



>> Monday, October 20, 2008

friday, ava, grams, and i were running around and we stopped at calloways nursery...anyway, they had tons of pumpkins so i grabbed my camera, we threw on ava's halloween costume and i snapped a few shots of her before they closed...i think we had five minutes...anyway, isn't she just the cutest little butterly....
oh and on the way there she was being so silly...she was wearing her sunglasses and then when i looked back at her she had pulled them half off to she could see her book better (at least that is what i'm guessing...she is such a bookworm)! and that last picture is terrible, i know, but i had to show all of her teeth...she went from 0 to 7 what seemed like overnight...she even has one molar...i miss that gummy smile...she looks like too much of a big girl!


there's no place like home { seriously }

>> Monday, October 13, 2008

so we got back from minnesota yesterday afternoon. we spent the afternoon just being lazy around the house, watching some cowboy football..sigh, and making a trip to the grocery store to restock the cabinets...things were sort of empty! we had such a great time in minnesota, we got to visit with tons of family and kirstin and alex's wedding was absolutly gorgeous, such a beautiful day they had! i am slowly going through pictures and wanted to post some from our first weekend at the lake. we got to spent the weekend with my uncle mike and aunt delores and had such a wonderful time. it rained most of the time we were there, but it didn't even matter, we just enjoyed visiting and hanging around the house. i was so amazed by all the colorful fall leaves...trees don't really do that in texas. i kept saying "look at the trees" and bo kept saying "look at the lake", it was beautiful! i'll post pictures of the rest of our stay as i get to them...but here's a start!

a double rainbow...the second one is faint, you can sort of see it on the left

look at the lake!

look at the trees!


no place like home {continued}

ava reading to daddy...so sweet
papa mike reading to ava...she's in heaven!
grama delores, ava and papa mike
ava's upside down daisy hat i knit for her...she finally got to wear it!
ava and daddy...thick as thieves


out of town...

>> Friday, October 3, 2008

so i am frantically racing around trying to get three people packed for an eight day trip out of town...how did i get this job??? i am exhausted after a busy day of running from here to there trying to get things ready and now i'm doing dishes and laundry and of course...packing. we are leaving for minnesota in the am, and will be gone all week long. i'll have tons of pictures to post when we get back :) see you then!
amanda, xx


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