i heart "drama"

>> Tuesday, March 30, 2010

oops...the entry time is closed, wanted to share anyway! enjoy, lovelies!
this weeks theme over at i heart faces is dramatic black and white...sooooo, here is me trying to make my current fave of missy ava dramatic! hope you loves it!



>> Sunday, March 28, 2010

two souls born into one

that's a line from a song that has always stood out to me...i see it more with hollis than i do with ava..maybe because i see more of bo in him and more of myself in ava...not sure...but it feels right.


front porch sittin'

>> Thursday, March 25, 2010

Things have been super mellow around here this week. it's been nice. we've been doing a whole lot of cleaning, playing in the sunshine, watching the "chickmunks" {yes, alvin, simon, & theodore}, and just enjoying each other! i really feel like we do live the "simple life"...no drama {except from the two year old, but that's a whole different story!} just enjoying every day, every moment with those that are the most important to us. life is good.

the front porch is by far my favorite part of our house...it's the best place to hang when it's a gorgeous day! we pull out the exersaucer for hollis and ava can play her little heart out with all of her "outside toys" {which she tries to sneak into the house one by one..,}. so many amazing memories on that porch. i remember after bo and my first real date, we spent hours on the porch just talking and staring at the stars...i love that our house has history, for his family and ours. it's amazing to think of all that has happened in this house.

this is the house that bo's great aunt and great grandparents lived in for many, many years.

this is the house that bo's dad moved into when his parents got divorced.

this is the house that bo lived in when i met him. he was living with his dad.

this is the house i lived in for several years with bo and his dad. {i am so thankful for this time. bo's dad is a lot like him, very quiet. these years gave me the opportunity to really get to know him in a way that i never would have without them. he really is a second father to me.}

this is the house that bo and i moved back into a few months before we got married.

this is the house we have brought both of our babies home to.

this is the house ava took her first steps.

we don't live in a fancy neighborhood, the paint may be chipping, we may have already outgrown it, and there is a lot this house doesn't have, but i am in love with it. this is more than a house to me. it is a home. it is where my heart is.

bo says that hollis is a "mama's boy"....well, i'm quite the "boy's mama", too...he has me wrapped.

the objects of ava's affection...yep, a tub full of bo's old cars, trucks, planes. she is so into anything with wheels right now!

she was totally engrossed in this helicopter propellor...i love watching her figure out how things work.

notice the boots...best 10 bucks i ever spent...she wants to wear them all.the.time!

the pout...we are powerless when it shows itself...




>> Sunday, March 21, 2010

this boy is constantly chewing on everything! at this point he had thrown all of his toys on the ground, so he had to resort to his thumb...


flower child

>> Tuesday, March 16, 2010

so i bought ava a few headbands off etsy and when they arrived i decided she needed more...but they seemed so simple, i knew i could make some for her! so, i did! here is one of my flower headband creations...it's one of the medium sized flowers...i really like the bigger size {in pink or yellow}, but she had been using one of those as a "pirate ship" {eye patch} earlier and it seems to have been misplaced by a certain little "maytee". anyway, wanted to snap a few pics of it to share with you and then just couldn't help myself to keep on snapping away as i just love to capture this little face! busy bee.

i wish i could remember what i told her right here...oh well, i'm sure it had to do with chocolate or playing outside....

ava and holli spent the day with nonna yesterday and of course ava had to have those piggies painted!

so, yeah, pretty happy with how the headbands are turning out...it cost me ~$11 to buy one on etsy and so far it will cost me about $5 to make 8....not a bad deal! i'll probobly make a few for maddy and sydney for easter! i think they'll like them! any suggestions for improvements? thinking of going flower hunting this weekend for some different flowers...get a little variety!



>> Sunday, March 14, 2010

we are finally ALL healthy. it was gorgeous outside. my girl loves collecting rocks and diggin' in the dirt. the sunshine did us all some good.

check out those rocks {and the dirty fingernails...yech...no worries, she got a bath right after!}
hope you had a beautiful sunday.


wink & a smile

>> Saturday, March 13, 2010

so, i taught ava how to wink a while back...what was i thinking? {this is what i get when i get out the camera now....lovely}




>> Friday, March 12, 2010

look what showed up in my mailbox last month! my new camera bag!!! yipee! i ordered it way back in november...it was my christmas present {even though i knew it wouldn't be here until februray!} It is even better than i imagined! i have been so happy with it so far! super roomy on the inside with enough room for my camera, several lenses, and all the extras! wowza!

on an even more exciting note, epiphanie is doing a HUGE giveaway you must check out! $2,500 air fare voucher or this bad boy! yummy!



my girl wants 2 be a glam r baby!

>> Wednesday, March 3, 2010

My girl wants to be a Glam R Baby! My favorite local boutique recently began a model search for their upcoming line. I entered Ava and have been so excited to find out she has made it to the “fan pick” round of the contest! So now we need your help! We need your votes...there are sooooo many darling girls!
Head on over to Glam R Baby on Facebook and become a fan. Under photos you will find an album that says “fan pick model contest – fall 2010”. Click on that, find ava’s picture and all you have to do is click “like”. No comments or anything, just “like”! Easy enough right?! Please, please, please if you get a chance check out her site, you will love everything you see, and vote for Ava while you are there. {you can only vote once for it to count!}. The contest starts 3/3 @ 10pm and ends 3/10 @10pm!
My favorite Boutique
+ My favorite local photographer
+ my sweet girl
awesomeness! {& one elated mommy}

Thanks so much for your help! I so appreciate it!


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