what? did she just say a sentence???

>> Saturday, February 28, 2009

so! ava said one of her first fully understandable sentences tonight! we were snuggling on the couch and the t.v. was on america's funniest home videos. anyway, there was this funny video of a dog sliding around on a hardwood floor being really playful (it had to be a laberdoodle, so you know it was totally cute)...anyway, ava started laughing and saying "puppy" and "silly" and giggling like a maniac! then out of nowhere, came "the puppy is silly"...i thought i imagined it, but then she said it again and laughed......what happened to my baby...she's talking in sentences?! okay, maybe not talking in sentences, but she said her first real sentence and i know this is just the beginning of the little chatterbox! she already babbles nonstop and every once in a while a word i can understand will pop out...i can't imagine what it will be like when she actually is talking and i can understand everything....
awwwwww. her first sentence!
that just reminded me...one more cute thing she's doing...after she gives you a hug or a kiss, she tilts her head to the side and says "awwwwwww". she's knows she's a sweetie!


zoo day

>> Thursday, February 26, 2009

we spent morning at the zoo on wednesday and had such a good time! all the animals were out enjoying the beautiful weather, just like we were! i think they are all excited for spring, they were all pretty spunky!
how cute is this meerkat? he is always sitting in the same place every time we go...enjoying the sunshine! gotta love the eye contact!

how cute are these lion cubs?! i wanted to take them home!

okay, these bears i think had enough of each other! they were playing king of the mountain or something! the one on top would growl every time the one on the bottom would try to climb up. then the one on the bottom would tick off the one on the top so much that it would climb down to get him and the one that had been on the bottom would run to the other side of the wooden thing and climb up. then the one that had been on top would climb up, growl and chase him down...this went on for a while and then the one on top, surprsingly, gave in! it was fun to watch and i was amazed how loud those little bears could growl!

being lazy in the sun!

how cute is mr. hippo? we got there just in time to see him glide into the water for a little swim! for being sooooo big, they sure are graceful...and so cute!

sorry, i loaded the pics backwards...again! here is mr. hippo getting in the water!

okay, this monkey was hilarious! someone had lost a jacket in the monkey area and somehow this guy got ahold of it and was having an absolute blast! he kept putting it over his head and then he would walk around! he was so cute! it kind of reminded me of ava...she does that with a blanket sometimes!

ava with daddy! she is getting so big....that belly hanging out of her shirt is killing me!

she wasn't too sure about the gorillas...

and who doesn't love some pink flamingos? they were all just running around having a good time in the sun!



>> Saturday, February 14, 2009

to my two loves. i love you. today. always

xoxo <3



>> Friday, February 6, 2009

so, it's officially official! i went to the doctors office today and had my first sonogram for baby #2! everything looks good, i am 11 weeks today...only 29 to go! we got to hear the heartbeat and they said it was "good and fast"! ava was a bit of a handful..she always wants me at times when i can't hold her! silly girl! grams went with us (bo couldn't get off work), so she was a huge help with ava and i was so happy to share this experience with her! she got to see her little grandbaby wiggling around! it was a fun morning and i am just feeling truly blessed!


in memory

>> Thursday, February 5, 2009

thinking of you today miss superprincess...wishing wind for your wings.

sheye...no words, just sending peace over the ocean.


crystal's cuties!

>> Wednesday, February 4, 2009

ava and i spent some time over at my friend crystal's house yesterday. ava loves playing with kamden and crystal and i get to visit a little bit (which i always need!). when Kolby woke up from his nap, i took a few shots of him to get a little bit of practice in! posting a few of my personal favorites! he is such a sweet little baby, just happy all the time!

my personal favorite! i have friends/family all over the u.s. searching for these blankets. i finally found one! (but don't stop looking ya'll!!! i might need some more!)

such handsome little men!


her first rodeo!

>> Sunday, February 1, 2009

We spent sunday at the fort worth stock show and rodeo with grams and popo. daddy had to work so it was the four of us :( we missed him and wish he could have enjoyed the day with us. the weather was gorgeous for walking around outside and through the stock show and the day was wonderful! ava had soooooo much fun and i believe she is an animal lover through and through. sorry, i accidently loaded the pictures backwards, and am too lazy to do it all over again, so we'll start at the end...this is ava watching the rodeo...
ava and i walking around the market center. grams and popo bought her a super cute pair of fuschia chaps...we haven't tried them on yet, i'm sure once we do she will not want them to come off...ever....(she has an elmo video where the noodle gang wears chaps and when it gets to their part she grabs one of her blankets and holds it at her waist...i think she is pretending it's chaps...now she has a real pair and can be one with the noodle!)

grams and ava drinking "the one and original texas twister drink"...it is delicious, if you go to the stock show, you have to try one....mmmmmmmmm....good! ava drank the first one by herself, so we had to go get a refill for grams and i to share...that girl is a camel, i tell you!
ava loved watching the cowboys at the rodeo....she especially liked when they would get bucked off the horse....silly girl!
watching the rodeo...i think a guy just got bucked off a horse here...
the lineup before the national anthem.
ava tasting her first cotton candy...or fairy floss (a new term i have learned from some sweet aussie lady friends)

oh my gosh...this girl loves a pony ride...look at that sweet smile, she's in heaven!
loving every second...this was actually her second ride...she suckered her popo to let her go one more time and then cried when it was over...we may have a little cowgirl on our hands!

this is when she drug popo back to the ponies asking politely for another ride..."popo, yehaw"...how could he resist?
grams getting some snuggles from her ava
walking through the midway
this was the first pony ride...she was so happy.
ava in her pig ears
ava looking at a chicken...she is actually doing "bird" in sign language. so cute!
thanks grams and popo for a super fun day!


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