hairs cut

>> Friday, March 2, 2012

mr. 2 and a half got his hairs cut. it was a much needed event as he was starting to resemble one of the muskateers...or beatles....or his grandaddy back in the day {circa 1970's}. anyway, glad to have my clean cut little guy back! he actually sat pretty still for me while i cut his hair. on the front porch. yep, we're hillbilly like that ;)

by the way. he is totally two. i think i may need help with this guy. he is giving me a run for my money. literally. today after going potty like a big boy, he ran out the front door all the way to the neighbors yard...naked as naked can be. of course, i was chasing behind him...but good grief, that boy is quick! long story as to why the front door was open...that won't happen again...
so yes, pray for me.


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