a little something

>> Wednesday, February 22, 2012

just a little something special i'm working on for raskullz!! so exciting!

thanks jen for helping me with the writing!


icky sicky

>> Wednesday, February 15, 2012

ava and i spent the afternoon at the doctor on monday. both of us are fine. no fever, no strep, no bronchitis. really not sure exactly what it is...just a bug i guess. we are both on antibiotics. she went to school tuesday and i think we over did it as today we are both feeling pewney again.

we did make it to "toy story", as ava calls it {toys "r" us} for a valentine's present for ava and hollis. i had promised them a trip with daddy and i to choose out a special valentine. after walking through the whole store {multiple times} searching for the perfect valentine. we finally found what each little one's heart desired and headed out. of course on the way out we had to ride the rides...and stop at the quarter machines for a piece of junk...
poor ava was ready to go home...she was tired and i think her tiredness and not feeling well is really showing in this pic...even though she is smiling...
we are all just trying to keep up with this little stinker lately! he feels GREAT!
hoping this is our last round of sickness for a while...it's not been fun.


love, kisses, glitter & hearts...

>> Monday, February 13, 2012

call me cheesy, but i love valentine's day...especially since i have three super special sweethearts in my life to share this day of love with!

ava made these uber cute melted crayon hearts for her classmates at school. she helped break up the crayons, and put them in the muffin tray! she watched them melt through the window in the oven door. so cute! she was so excited to see how they turned out.
of course we spent the morning at the doctors office today, ava has ear infections..again. we'll see how she feels in the morning...fingers crossed she gets to go to school for the big valentine's day party. we've been talking about it for weeks...she is so excited and will be beyond bummed if she has to miss....
hope you all have a happy valentine's day!


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