happy new year!

>> Thursday, December 31, 2009

happy new year to everyone in bloggity blog land! looking forward to 2010, can't wait to see what the future holds!
{can't believe it met bo in 2000...it's been ten years and look how much things have changed!}



>> Tuesday, December 29, 2009

well, it's snowing again in texas :) i really love it as long as it's not raining/sleeting at the same time! ava is starting to like it, too! after daddy showed her how to make snowballs, she is loving it! she likes throwing them at roxie and max...little stinker! {they don't mind though!}

where did her feet go, you ask? well, she was practicing her jumping skills in the snow and this was post jump...and her saying "i did it!"
catching snowflakes! {yes...i know she has a crazy long tongue...}
ava with her princesses...from nonna and kristie! she loves disney princesses!
my girl by the tree. {you can tell she is thrilled about mommy having the camera out again...}
where is hollis, you ask? probobly sleeping or being held by me...so no pics of him lately! i'll get some, though, so you can see how big he's gotten! excited to have some more family time the next few days! may be running up to lake murray to spend time with some friends, too! we shall see.....


happy birthday

>> Monday, December 28, 2009

well, my man turned 31 today! can't believe i'm married to such an old man! ha! we didn't do anything special...in fact, we barely even saw each other. he worked, and it's gonna be a late night, so we'll have to celebrate sometime this week. he has four days off because the new years holiday follows his off days! yay! we are getting spoiled with all this daddy time! {we had him four days in a row last week with christmas, too!} anyway, i hope you had a wonderful birthday...i knew the second i saw you you were someone i wanted to know. little did i know how much you would change my life. punk boy, you are one of the best things that has ever happened to me and i am so happy to be walking through this life by your side.
had to post this picture of him with chunk a dunk! isn't he a little moose?!...i could seriously kiss on those cheeks all.day.long!!!


giveaway blog...

hey ya'll! exciting news! you know how i am a giveaway gal on a giveaway every day?! well, we were nominated for one of the web's top giveaway blogs by giveaways4mommy.com!!! woohoo! anyway, if you have a second, please, please, please, jump on over there and vote for us! {only one vote per ip address!}



merry christmas to all...

>> Friday, December 25, 2009

and to all a goodnight!

can't wait to share loads of pictures from our white christmas {& hollis' first!}. hope you all had a fabulous holiday!


santa baby.

>> Wednesday, December 23, 2009

so, ava threw a fit every time we tried to take her to see santa...she does not like the man in the red suit one little bit! so i borrowed a costume from a friend and tried to get some cute pics of the kids together with bo dressed up as santa! and even knowing that it was her daddy in all that red and white, it still took bribery and a bit of tricking to get her to sit with him...or she sure knows how to work us {so now we know she's afraid of two things....santa and bo's welding helmet!}

i think this one made it worth it! {bo looks positively thrilled, right?! such a good daddy!}



>> Monday, December 14, 2009

i can't even explain how lucky i feel to have these two little pumpkins in my life...we are so lucky to have the family we were given.
hollis had his 4 month check up today. He is "perfect" :) that always makes a mama smile! he is also a moose, yep, i said it, a moose! the child is already 17.1 lbs {now wonder i can't stand carrying around that carseat with him in it!} and 28 1/2 inches long! {off charts for height and 95th % for weight...such a biggin!} anyway, i adore our pediatrician, she is always so good to the kids! she had fun talking with hollis and just went on and on about how sweet he is! {of course, we already knew this!} so thankful for healthy children., i have been squeezing them extra tight lately...they are both growing up way too fast.



>> Thursday, December 10, 2009

ava spent most of the day today entertaining hollis...every time he would whine for some attention, there she was getting him his blanket, laying with him, holding his hand...and let me tell you, he absolutly loves it!

i love how he smiles at her!
she knows he likes his musical star {just like she did when she was a baby!}
can't wait to take her to the princess and the frog tomorrow! i know she's gonna love it and i'm super excited to see it, too! it's gonna be a fun evening!


she came washable...

i left ava alone with these for 1 minute...
and this is how i found her...saying "aba pretty"....hmmmmmm
thank goodness she came washable! ha!


baby love...

>> Tuesday, December 8, 2009

the other night ava was holding hollis and she actually wanted me to take their picture! shock! of course, when i got the camera out, she didn't want to look at it...sooooo, no cute ones of the kiddos together. i did get her holding hollis' hand. she always loves holding his hand and held it the whole time she held him. isn't she the sweetest big sister?! she adores him so much!

our snow picture...the only one i got & i was lucky to get one. she stepped one foot out in the snow and came back on the porch to blow bubbles...crazy girl?!? so that was that....
just a few sweet moments.



>> Monday, December 7, 2009

check out my girl on the jump, jump at hulen mall! {thanks poppy for the pictures!} we were christmas shopping with poppy and thought it might be fun for her {poppy's idea...such a good poppy!}....she loved it and i can't wait to take her again....possibly as bribery to sit with santa....hmmmmmmm...



breakfast with santa

>> Saturday, December 5, 2009

grams and i took ava & hollis to a breakfast with santa today at my mom's school! i was so excited for our first encounter with the man in red...however, ava wasn't...at all...we couldn't even get that girl to stand next to him, or have grams hold her near him for a picture. so hollis got to have the spotlight and tell santa all he wanted while ava pouted {screamed} not too far away. so all we have are some pics of us eating afterwards....can you tell she has been crying...
so i'm crossing my fingers that it was just her grumpy mood and we will be able to get a pic of both kiddos with santa by christmas...fingers crossed!


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