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>> Sunday, April 24, 2011

oh my...the blog has once again been neglect...and i don't have any excuses for you. just life. lots of time with the kids, working around the house, shooting gorgeous seniors, babies, and beautiful mama's to be...can't complain! wanted to hop in and share some recent session photos and also tell ya'll about an amazing giveaway going on at CRAVE Photography. Check out her blog and enter to win a two day, all expense paid mentorship...that would be such a dream come true. 5 ways to enter...blogging is one of can't say i don't try, now can you! seriously, i would love two days to pick her brain and watch her in would be amazing!

on to some photos...

this beautiful mama to be is an old friend from high school. i haven't seen her since the day we graduated and it was so fun to catch up and capture such a beautiful and pivotal time in her life. she is so stunning and we had a blast running around fort worth shooting, chatting, and just laughing.

i wish i had craved more apples when i was pregnant...
probobly one of my favorite shots from the evening

this little guy is just a doll. he slept so well for us and we got some amazing shots! {when i say "us" i am talking about me and my good friend, shelley...more on her in a bit!}

a sweet one for daddy.

precious little guy.

isn't this next little guy a cutie?! he is my friend shelley's client's baby boy. shelley and i met around a year ago on a local photography forum discussing baby buggies for props. we met up for dinner one night and after talking and laughing over three hours that first night, i knew we would be friends. she is now one of my best friends, whether she likes it or not! she is such a wonderful person, her work is amazing and inspiring. i second shot for her on a few weddings and recently we have been tagging along on some shoots together just to lend an extra hand or hold a baby, whatever! it's so much fun to have a photog friend to share with. we swap props, ideas, anything. such a blast! we have so much fun and i am so thankful to have met her. anyway, this is just a quick one i snapped of this little cutie!

onto the seniors.

seniors are i have always thought i was destined to focus on newborn photography, but after photographing a few seniors this spring, i can't help but love them! seriously, they come to play! some of the most stylin kids i've seen, up for anything, and ready to have fun. no chasing, candy bribing...really, i adore working with kids, but these seniors were just the breath of fresh air i needed!


this guy joined the marines and is heading off to boot camp this summer.

isn't she beautiful? i met carly when i was student teaching in her mom's {my good friend, vickie} 4th grade classoom. carly was in the 4th grade at the time. it makes me feel incredibly old that she is graduating this year. i am so proud of her and just love her to pieces. beautiful girl, inside and out!

so there's an update on the shooting front! hopefully will be back tomorrow with some updates on my two little wild things! we have been having so much fun and just had the best easter weekend!

dont' forget to enter the CRAVE mentoring giveaway! seriously, it would be a dream.come.true!!!! fingers crossed :)



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