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>> Friday, December 5, 2008

soooooo, it's been a while....sorry!!!! nothing too exciting going on here. thanksgiving was wonderful, hope everyone had a beautiful day! bo had the day off, so we got to be together all day long, a special treat! now bo got switched to a day shift (yay!!!), so hopefully life can be somewhat "normal" (whatever that is) for us now! it has been about 2 1/2 years since he started at the railroad and has always been on the night shift or second day shift is a first for us! hopefully it will be as good as i think it is! still has crazy days off, but oh well...we will get him every night now :)
so, grams and i took ava to see santa claus at hulen mall tonight...she loved santa from a distance...waving, saying hi, wrinkling her nose and making her super cute silly face! we were the second people in line, a small baby before us. that baby screamed and screamed...i think that tipped ava off that maybe this wasn't as much fun as she thought originally. so of course, she screamed, too! even with the tempting bracelets grams secretly handed to santa to try to sway her to love him...oh well, we got one shot with her looking at santa and of course, the notorious screaming child with santa shot! i'll post the other one another day, only had time to scan one!

We also took ava to a christmas tree place to try and get some shots for the christmas card....that was a bust. she didn't want anything to do with it, got one or two decent shots, but nothing good enough for the christmas card...i'll keep trying! thought i'd post a few anyway....

thought this one was cute, smelling the christmas tree...or maybe licking, not quite sure what she was up to in there!


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