of all the toys in this kids world....

>> Thursday, January 29, 2009

of all the toys in this kid's world...the bouncing, the spinning, the musical, the interactive with the t.v....

the rolling, the singing, the whinnnying...
this is what she prefers to ride....she is such a nut!!!
our constant source of toddler entertainment! we have been doing good, passing around a cold...i had it first, then bo, and now, of course, ava has it. i was hoping it would skip her, but we were not so lucky. she is in pretty good spirits, though. i actually think she's almost worked her way through it, thank goodness! she had her 18 month appointment last week and, she is still, officially "perfect"! and we didn't have the crying on the scale, crying on when the doctor looked in her eyes, looked in her ears, listened to her breathing, or just looked at her...so that was a plus! we did have some tears when nurse annie gave her one vaccine...i was just glad it was only one...not five like at past visits. ava was actually very playful with the doctor. after the doctor shined the light in ava's eyes, she would let her blow on the tool to turn off the light...ava loved this game, so they played it after the eyes AND each ear! she aslo was very talkative...we were in a room with fish border around the wall and ava said "fishy" and then she was the picture of the doctor's puppy and said "puppy" and then panted like a dog. and then she spoke some avish "alsmojshhsnoyhslhmehehed..daddy" avish usually ends with "daddy" or "elmo" or "mommy" or "good girl" it's pretty cute! so anyway, the doctor seemed to enjoy her little show and it was a good visit! can't believe i am the mom of a 19 month old!


Heather January 29, 2009 at 5:25 PM  

I can't even imagine how fun all that talking must be. Landon has been saying "mom" and "bob" and I absolutely love it!! Ava is such a cutie pie!!

Jodie Greck Photography February 1, 2009 at 2:55 PM  

isnt it hillarious how they love to play with everything but..... their toys lol mine have constant entertainment in my tuperware draw lol... too funny

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