her first rodeo!

>> Sunday, February 1, 2009

We spent sunday at the fort worth stock show and rodeo with grams and popo. daddy had to work so it was the four of us :( we missed him and wish he could have enjoyed the day with us. the weather was gorgeous for walking around outside and through the stock show and the day was wonderful! ava had soooooo much fun and i believe she is an animal lover through and through. sorry, i accidently loaded the pictures backwards, and am too lazy to do it all over again, so we'll start at the end...this is ava watching the rodeo...
ava and i walking around the market center. grams and popo bought her a super cute pair of fuschia chaps...we haven't tried them on yet, i'm sure once we do she will not want them to come off...ever....(she has an elmo video where the noodle gang wears chaps and when it gets to their part she grabs one of her blankets and holds it at her waist...i think she is pretending it's chaps...now she has a real pair and can be one with the noodle!)

grams and ava drinking "the one and original texas twister drink"...it is delicious, if you go to the stock show, you have to try one....mmmmmmmmm....good! ava drank the first one by herself, so we had to go get a refill for grams and i to share...that girl is a camel, i tell you!
ava loved watching the cowboys at the rodeo....she especially liked when they would get bucked off the horse....silly girl!
watching the rodeo...i think a guy just got bucked off a horse here...
the lineup before the national anthem.
ava tasting her first cotton candy...or fairy floss (a new term i have learned from some sweet aussie lady friends)

oh my gosh...this girl loves a pony ride...look at that sweet smile, she's in heaven!
loving every second...this was actually her second ride...she suckered her popo to let her go one more time and then cried when it was over...we may have a little cowgirl on our hands!

this is when she drug popo back to the ponies asking politely for another ride..."popo, yehaw"...how could he resist?
grams getting some snuggles from her ava
walking through the midway
this was the first pony ride...she was so happy.
ava in her pig ears
ava looking at a chicken...she is actually doing "bird" in sign language. so cute!
thanks grams and popo for a super fun day!


jen February 2, 2009 at 7:01 AM  

this is the cutest darn thing i've seen in ages! what a little cowgirl cutie! love it.

Heather February 3, 2009 at 12:18 PM  

I love the pictures. Ava is such a cute little cowgirl in her red boots. I will be waiting for the post with the pink chaps!! :)

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