black eyes & sticker fun

>> Thursday, May 7, 2009

sorry for the slow blogging lately...we have been keeping ourselves pretty busy around here. to start things off...the other day ava was playing at her little table sitting in her chair on her knees (i am constantly telling her, "sit on your bottom"). anyway, long story short, she feel forward off the chair hitting her head against the table. she had a few tears, and then said, "all better" and was back to her playing...i told you last time, she's a bruiser. a little later i noticed that she cut her eyelid when she fell. poor little baby. i keep calling it her first black eye...even though it never bruised. just got really swollen. this is the best pic i could get of the black eye:

yesterday morning we were supposed to go to the zoo with mimi and gabby (maryann's mom)...but of course, the weather has been crazy and unpredictable around here and it looked like it was going to rain and the weather men were all saying rain all morning. so we decided to try again friday morning and just get together. nobody wants to go sloshing around the zoo...stinky & not fun! so ava and i ran over to mimi's to play for a bit. while we were there, ava discovered a coloring book in a stack of magazines. poppy had gotten it for her at halloween and forgotten to give it to her. well, thank goodness he forgot, because inside the coloring book was a page or two of stickers and she kept herself entertained with those stickers for a long time and was just so happy! toddler bliss:

such a silly girl:
mimi and ava

mr. zack...having ava over is always exhausting!
i'll have to get some shots of ava and gabby on friday! most of the ones i got yesterday were too dark...grrrrr!
i had a dr. appointment tuesday. just a boring one (thankful they are boring, usually that means things are going well). got to hear little man's heart beat, which is always nice. dr. ryan said everything looks good and he'll see me in a month...then he rushed out to deliver a baby, how exciting!


jen May 7, 2009 at 12:15 PM  

Ava's hair is getting so long! She's turning into a kid instead of a toddler! what's going on!!?
Cute pics, and I'm glad everything is going well. Talk soon! Love ya!

Heather May 7, 2009 at 6:53 PM  

Ava seems to have changed so much since the last pictures you posted of her. She is such a beautiful little girl!! We have to get together this summer for a playdate!!

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