little gymnast.

>> Sunday, March 27, 2011

i enrolled ava in a little gymnastics class at the local recreation center a few months back. she loves it! this past weekend we got to watch the class to see how much the kids had learned. oh my goodness! i was so thrilled to see ava learning so much and really just excited to be there. of course i brought my camera, but the lighting was super strange and i didn't want to pop my obnoxious flash, so, wonky colored photos they are. but they are precious still! so proud of her. on a sidenote, there are usually around 10 girls in her class. not sure why only four showed up saturday...but oh well, that made it better for us to watch! so cute!

have to stretch first!

more it just me or is ava super bendy?!

rockin the forward roll!
this was interesting...but she loved it!

balance beam...of course it has to be right by a mirror. if you know my girl, you know if there is a mirror nearby she is lookin in it. kind of messes her up on the balance beam...maybe i should invent some type of blinder for her when she is on the balance beam! ha! have to keep her focused!
little miss. hot to trot.

of course, i just deleted the photo of her flipping over the bar...oh well, i'll add it in another post...too tired right now! off to bed! it has been such a busy week!


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