trick or treat.

>> Wednesday, November 2, 2011

We had such a fun halloween. this holiday is full of traditions and fun for our family. We spent saturday night out with my dad trick or treating around his neighborhood! of course zac and zoe came along, riding in the golf cart and the kids had an absolute blast trick or treating and talking with all the people!

monday we went out to ricky and christina's for dinner with the family and then the annual trick or treating {sans stroller this year! awesome!} the kids had a blast, we had too much fun with family, and i am always so thankful! halloween just might be my favorite holiday. no stress, all fun, kids all cute and dressed up, and an overdose of yummy candy! yep, it's pretty awesome!

hope you all had a great halloween! now the rollercoaster begins through november and december. lots of sessions, loads of parties and get togethers, & tons of reviews on RMRV! it's gonna be a blast!



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