>> Monday, January 16, 2012

hey ya'll. i know, it's been quiet around here for a while. we had a super busy holiday and i really just wanted to hibernate with the family and enjoy the time together. getting back into the groove of routine, school, everything has been a bit of an adjustment...crazy how two weeks of no routine, sleeping in, staying up too late can get you all out of sorts! i have also been suffering from some pretty extreme migraines...last week i had one day without a headache...ONE DAY! not how i want to live. i'm off to the neurologist on the 25th to get this sorted out. i'm sure it's a messy combination of hormones, stress, & allergies. bo says i'm just crazy...that the longer he knows me the crazier i get...not sure what that says about him! lol! anyway, above is a pic of my cowgirl after a spend the night with her nonna & cousins and then a day at the stock show & midway {rides}! i picked the kids up at 5 after their busy day. they both fell asleep in the car on the way home, sacked out when we got home, slept through the night and in until 8:30ish this morning. i couldn't believe it! they have never been so exhausted! i know they had a blast!

well, i hope to catch up and post a few pics from the holiday soon! lots going on, but want to make sure i get a few photos up from our family holiday!
oh yeah, and this post is titled 401 because it's my 401st post! wowza!


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