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>> Sunday, June 3, 2012

i am so thankful for this girl always, but this weekend she has shown me how incredibly special, wonderful, and compassionate she is. Hollis and i have been sick all weekend {yes, strep throat has struck again}, bo has been working and she has been an angel. i know she has wanted to do more than sit around the house and watch movies, play independently, and hang out with us sick ones. but she has. she has and has not complained at all. today, my mom rescued her and took her to the antique mall while she an felix worked on their booths and then went back to the house for a swim! she came home happy and excited to tell me all she had done and show me the beanie baby koala bear grans bought her at the antique mall for being such a good helper. She saw the him on the shelf {the him she named "jeanette"} and said he saw her and said. I'm all alone and you look like the perfect girl for me!" cute. then after telling me about swimming and playing she made sure to tell me how much she missed me. i am blessed.


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