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>> Tuesday, October 2, 2012

i know. it's been forever. so much has happened the past few months. ava started kindergarten {tear}, our lives were turned upside down and we all had to adjust to this new schedule, i am back on a "get myself healthy" kick. i mean really, hollis is three...i need to get myself together here. thank goodness to this new schedule, i think it can actually happen. life just seems more organized, more manageable. i actually enjoy getting up at the crack of dawn. schedules and routines are oh so good :) had to share ava's first piece of art from school. her school has this awesome program called artsonia, where the art teacher takes photos of all the artwork and uploads it to the site. you can view their art and even order key chains, t shirts, mugs with your child's art on it. i mean really...we all wish we would have thought of this! anyway, her first masterpiece: line drawing and color mixing.


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