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>> Saturday, March 14, 2009

so we made it to northpark and back! ava was such a good girl, it was such a long car ride and then i had promised her she would get to play, assuming that this huge fancy mall would have some sort of children's play area...ummmmm, this mall is too fancy for that! so, being a mom that has promised herself never to break a promise to her children, ava survived a long drive back to fort worth and we stopped in at ridgmar so she could play for a bit! and play did she! she was such a wild woman and just so happy. we have been cooped up too much this week because of the rain. it's so sad when your little one tries to crawl in her jogging stroller and says "wing" (swing) because we have gotten into such a habbit of walking to the park and swinging and we both love it and need it! so tonight she got to play and was such a happy girl! time actually flew and before i knew it, it was 7:30, so we got a quick bite to eat and then headed home. ava is in bed and crossing my fingers, asleep, getting her beauty sleep for tomorrows pics by my favorite local photographer, brandi, http://www.b4photography.blogspot.com/
you must check her out if you get a chance, i love what she does! so hopefully, ava will be all smiles and sunshine tomorrow for her pics and not running and saying "all done" like she does for me! always fun to see your baby through someone else's eyes :)


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