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>> Thursday, August 27, 2009

have two children...but ava seems to avoid the camera at all costs these days...i did get some shots of her helping make cupcakes tonight...she is quite the little baker and loves to help pour in ingredients and stir them together! just didn't have time to load them on the computer...
this morning, jenn from portraits by jenn came all the way from kerrville to take some pictures of hollis...i can't wait to see them :) later in the afternoon, i thought i would take a few of him while he is still in this super sleepy state! so here he is at 13 days old...i can't believe tomorrow he will be two weeks old...time is already going too fast!

life with two has been really good so far. ava is definitly going through an adjustment period. she adores her baby brother and showers him with kisses all day long, but is trying to figure out how to share mommy and's rough when she has had us all to herself for so long and now she has to share us! poor girl! hoping this passes quickly and we get back our old ava soon...i see glimpses of her throughout the day, but i know she is confused about this whole thing. (it especially shows during nap time and night night time...she has gone from the girl that wouldn't get out of bed to the girl who is in and out of her room several times giggling trying to make it a game for us to come put her back in is exhausting and i hate being cross with her at bedtime...i always want that to be a special sweet time not a time of frustration...)
tomorrow my mom is coming over in the evening to stay with hollis and ava and i are going to have a date...not quite sure what we are going to do yet, but i am excited to have some one on one time with my girl and i know she will eat it up! so things are good, bo going back to work wasn't as scary as i had originally thought, in fact, things have gone pretty smooth...i was a little concerned going two on one with the kiddos, but hollis is still so easy (he sleeps soooooo much and when he is awake is just really laid back) and even though ava can be a handful (or two...ha) things have just kept rolling along and worked out.


jen August 28, 2009 at 6:31 AM  

I can't believe he's two weeks old! You just keep taking those beautiful pictures...they are AWESOME!

Glad everything is going well. Hopefully we can chat sometime soon.

Love you!

Heather August 29, 2009 at 7:05 PM  

Beautiful have got some talent!! I guess have something so beautiful to take pictures of makes it easier. Glad things are going well.

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