my lipgloss is poppin'

>> Thursday, November 12, 2009

the weather was gorgeous today so we spent some of the afternoon outside. i had big intentions of taking ava to the park so she could burn off that toddler energy, but waited too long, knew it would be getting dark sooner, so thought we would just play in the front yard. she loves outside and today she spent most of the time picking flowers and running around like a wild thing. hollis and i sat on a quilt in the front yard and we all just had a nice relaxing time!

My boy...he's getting so big.

Grams stopped by after she got off work and of course ava went rummaging through her purse searching for some sort of present...and of course, grams always comes through. this was ava's face when she found out there was lip gloss in that big magical bag! {seriously, grams is like mary poppins!} - i hate that the pic is so out of focus, but i snapped it so quickly, i didn't have time to mess with any settings...oh well, you can still see the excitement oozing from that face!

aaaahhhhhh, the "lips".
i <3 this one!
this was what she did in response to me asking to see her pretty silly.

oh, she makes me happy!
i think this was layer 50ish....



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