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>> Monday, February 1, 2010

ava made her second trip to the dentist today and i knew they were going to actually try and clean her teeth...i wasn't too sure how she was going to do...she is the typical two year old and everything is very moment to moment with her.
we go to the most fabulous pediatric dentist and half of their waiting room is full of toys! ava loves it, i think she could play there all day!

then the tricky thing is getting her to go back to the rooms when they call her name {you know, without a scene!}
she made it and got to put on these fabulous tiger glasses to keep the bright light out of her eyes! she thinks she's pretty cool.
checkin out those pearly whites! {seriously a pro, right?!}
getting her teeth cleaned by ms. staci & the tickle toothbrush!
she did so great and didn't have a meltdown until we had to leave. she tried to sneak back into the waiting room to play some more. {i actually would have taken her, but bo was home with hollis, so i knew i had to get back so he could get ready for work.} so yeah, we had the whole toddler meltdown right there while i was paying...on the way to the car...getting into the car...
she did so great though, that i didn't even care. like i said, she's a two year old & i'm so glad these moments of frustration for her came at the end of the visit instead of during!
{& great news! dr. strole says her teeth look fabulous and that we are doing a great job brushing! yay! of course, she loves brushing her teeth...she even brushes them while she sits on the potty throughout the day! i'm sure the day will come when i have to fight with her about brushing her teeth, so i'm lovin' every second of this!}


MELANIE February 3, 2010 at 11:01 AM  

Good girl getting her teeth cleaned! I've brought Brady with me to my dentist and he took some time warming up and several "play" visits before he let them do anything. I think we need a good pediatric dentist though because Claire is almost ready to have to go too! If you love yours will you share with me? You can fb message me, or email me

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