winter wonderland

>> Thursday, February 11, 2010

today it snowed...not normal "melts when it hits the ground" texas snow, but real fluffy, puffy, sticky, crunch under your boots snow! seriously, it looked like a winter wonderland! i guess we got around 9 inches total so far....& it's still snowing! yay! {of course i love it, i don't have to go anywhere!} so, ava got to go out and play in it again. it seems that every time it snows she just gets more and more comfortable with it and loves it even more! i loved watching her. she was walking really slowly listening to the crunch under her shoes, she was eating it {and eating it and eating it} she even tried to do a front roll in it! ha! silly girl!
so here's a picture of ava with her can barely see it because it's so white out there, but we made one {my hands froze, but we made one!}. nothing fancy, candy hearts for eyes {they weren't added yet}, sticks for arms. simple and quick.

& our stroller came today! yay! can't wait to get out walking with it!
hope your day was beautiful like ours.


jen February 12, 2010 at 9:45 AM  

YAY! That's so crazy that you guys got so much snow! Are people just freaking out!?
The snowman is adorable. we have lots of them around our neighborhood, but that one's pretty cute!

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