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>> Thursday, December 2, 2010

so we had our first ballet/tap experinece yesterday! ava was the only new little girl in the class for the new session. but she totally didn't care, immediatly she was referring to all the girls in her class as "her friends". she is so social, it's crazy. i am a little bit of shy, so it's funny to me to see her be so extroverted! unless there is a good looking man around...then she gets REALLY shy! lol! i think i'm in trouble! class lasted about an hour and i peeked in a bit early and they were tap tap tapping and she was just running around like a crazy person! the girls from the last session are getting ready for a recital so they were practicing their routine and then there was ava, right in the middle, doing lord knows what....it was funny. if i were the teacher i probobly would have had her sit down so the girls could practice without her, but then, i thought, how sweet, they are three and the instructor just seems a bit laid back. i know if she wanted her to sit down, she would have told her. but little miss was having a blast and loved every minute of her class!

sass.a.frass...somebody thinks they are hot stuff!

things i learned from our first ballet/tap class:
  • my child has absolutely NO seperation anxiety. as girls were crying for their moms ava was telling me "bye, mom" and giving me the look like, "get out of here, lady and let me do my thing!"
  • white tights are definitely not for three year old girls. at least not mine!
  • tights in general my not be for my girl...after an hour she had holes in the knees. definitely won't be getting a second wear out of those...this could get expensive...
  • tap shoes, they open up a whole new world for a little girl! seriously, she was most excited about the ballet shoes at first, but once she heard the magic of the taps...they weren't coming off those happy feet!
  • prepare to enter the world of "moms". yep, it's funny to be a mom and be in that world after watching moms for years when i was teaching. yesterday was my first real experience entering the world of mom cliques and groups. and like i said, i'm a bit of shy so navigating this world is going to be a challenge for me. making friends always has been. {even though my husband will tell you differently, he thinks i can make friends with anybody i am put in a room with. crazy man!}

yep, so that's that. first day of dance down & a success! yay!




jdavissquared December 2, 2010 at 8:21 AM  

OMG. She is so darling..and yes, sassy! Look at how she pops that hip! haha.

You are so funny. I don't think anyone ever meets you and doesn't love you, and I'm not just saying that cause you're my BFF. You're amazing, and don't you forget it!

love you!

Cheryl December 6, 2010 at 7:32 AM  

LOVE IT! She looks stinking adorable in her dance outfit!

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