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>> Thursday, December 23, 2010

the annual santa tears this year. amazing how much can change in 365 days. last year ava didn't even want to sit with bo dressed up like santa, let alone some stranger in a red suite at the mall. this year she couldn't climb up on his lap fast enough and rattle off all of her wishes and dreams! and then tears, but was a little hesitant. thinking he only did it because sister was all for it. he wants to do everything and anything she does, including carry a purse and accessorize with all sorts of fancy jewelry. {he even wanted me to paint his nails this morning when i was painting, i didn' would have died!!!}
we are celebrating christmas eve at our house tonight since bo has to work on christmas day. of course we have all been passing around some stomach bug and it was daddy's turn today. poor guy. hopefully he will feel better in the morning. the kids and i watched polar express together and it was so much fun getting ava ready for bed tonight talking about santa coming. she wore her special santa pj's and left the big guy some oreos {bad mommy...didn't get around to baking cookies today...} and a few pieces of lucky charms, they are her favorite little treat lately, so i guess she figured santa would appreciate some. we read a few favorite christmas stories and then she went to sleep faster than ever before...maybe it had something to do with me telling her she had to fall asleep for santa to come :) . looking forward to the morning, seeing that christmas magic that children bring to the holiday. the kids are in for a few special surprises ;) should be fun! i hope you have a merry christmas. take the time to soak up all the love from your near and dear ones. i love christmas. now off to watch a little christmas vacation and set up worlds largest interactive train set!
**update on the ended up putting it together...too complicated for my level of patience tonight! so thankful for a wonderful husband...even sick, he still will do anything for his babies! love him so much.


Heather December 24, 2010 at 6:05 AM  

Look at those cute kiddos!! I can't believe how big they are! I hope that you ALL have a Merry Christmas!

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