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>> Tuesday, September 27, 2011

we are still here...hanging on! life has been a bit crazy lately...we had a fun few days with my cousin & his family & my aunt and uncle, then had a few days recovering! lol! we all stay with my mom when they come and it is a blast to be together. but, it is always nice to get back home! It can be a challenge getting things back to normal after the "spoiling" takes place, though! ha!
then this past week we spent sick, the kids both had ear infections and a shocker diagnosis of strep. they had zero symptoms. crazy. glad i took them to urgent care over the weekend...even though my pediatricians office told me to wait it out {all THREE times i called.... :/ } but everyone is on the mend, ava was back at school today, hollis is acting a bit crazier than usual. i blame it on his 5 days of steroids they prescribed him! so, yes...lots of updates & photos to come from all the fun we've been having around here! {besides the sickness, of course!}
just wanted to check you would know we are still kicking!


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