the keets.

>> Wednesday, September 28, 2011

my mom decided to get ava three parakeets {which ava has lovingly called "keets" and named "cookie", "blueberry", and "raspberry". interesting choices.} yes, she is spoiled. yes, she loves them. she spent about two hours with bo working with the parakeets trying to train them to sit on her finger. by the time we left, one would sit on her finger. she was so excited and wanted to bring them home! during this two hour training session we had to give the keets a break, it was a lot of training. so ava sat like this in front of the cage and talked to them. it was SO cute! we just laughed and laughed and watched her and listened to her words. "i love you" & "i'm so proud of you." and "my grans got you for me". such simple phrases, but her expressions and hand motions {yes she takes after her mama on that one! lol!} well, it really was just the cutest thing ever!


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