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>> Thursday, October 8, 2009

check me out on giveaway everyday!!! soooooo excited about this amazing new gig! this is gonna be fun, ya'll!!!! i may even have to post about some of the products i test on this blog! i already know a few that i am getting and can not wait to try them out!

i also have several shoots set up for the next month and a half! pumped about those. doing some head shots for a friend, some senior shoots, and some family shoots! can't wait to share some of the shots i get with ya'll. it's gonna be fun! fingers crossed this generates some word of mouth buzz and i can get a little work each month. that would be sweet!
so, that's that. we had a great day today. grams came by and took ava shopping after she got off work. of course, she came back with not one, but two super fun toys involving disney princesses and strawberry shortcake and her berry bitty cruiser car! of course they also got a toy for bubba. our children seriously have the most amazing grandparents...all 7 of them! & not because the buy them stuff (even though that's a bonus...i'm not gonna lie!), but because they just adore them & genuinly love spending time with them! they are so darn spoiled already....& i wouldn't have it any other way!



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