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>> Monday, August 30, 2010

a kids record for parents!

i am such a music lover! i grew up in a singing family...nope, that doesn't mean, we were good, it just means we loved to sing. alot. i loved singing with my kinder. kids for years, and now i love singing with my own children {even though ava is loving the spotlight these days and isn't up for many duets!} but yeah, we are singing all the time! i am always on the look out for fun kids music {you know, songs that don't make you want to kill yourself after hearing them a few times...and by few, i mean 1,000ish...

sooooo, you have to check out this new album, do fun stuff, a compilation of fun & entertaining songs by various artists for kids and parents! the mastermind behind this amazing charity album is one of my favorite bloggers. his blog is inspirational, beautiful, and real. he wanted to create this album to benefit SMS, which his son has been diagnosed with. so inspirational.

100% of the proceeds from the sale of this album goes to a grant fund established with PRISMS. The money will be made available to grad students who wish to make SMS their field of choice, the benefit of this is more hard research being done, which leads to more case studies, which leads to more answers for parents and researchers. if you are moved to make a donation donation rather than simply buying the album, you can click on the little "share" at the bottom of mr. do fun stuff at the top of this post

so go check it out, get your kids some awesome new tunes, and do some fun stuff, ya'll!




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