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>> Sunday, April 5, 2009

so last night was supposed to be full of fun and crafting for me. ava was going to spend the night with her grams and i was going to have a very much needed craft night with the girls. so much fun. anyway, everything was packed up and ready to go when ava woke up from her nap screaming...and i mean SCREAMING!!!!!! i went and got her and she wouldn't open her left eye. she could open it, but it was all red and she kept rubbing it and wouldn't open it. this went on for about 30 minutes and i decided i needed to go get her checked out, so not normal for her. this is actually the first emergency trip i have ever made with her...almost two years...pretty good, i think. i loaded her up in the car and drove to the nearest care now (of course this would happen on a saturday when her pediatrician's office is closed). thank goodness the wait was pretty short (keep in mind the crying is continuing). first off the dr. checked her ears...yep, double ear infection to start with, lovely. then onto her eye. in order to see if it was scratched, they had to put this dye in her eye and then look at it under this gigantic magnifying glass. so with the help of a very sweet nurse, we pinned her down to they could do this. yep, she is screaming again. and yep, a huge scratch right there on her eyeball. scary. so with two percriptions in hand we went to get them filled. while we waited in the car (thank goodness for drive through pharmacies), ava fell asleep, i'm sure all the trauma at the dr. office really wore her out. so i parked the car in the shade and waited the 30 minutes so sweetness could get a nap. then we came home and snuggled on the couch and watched bolt, ava's new favorite. i was expecting a rough night, but everything actually seemed to go pretty smooth. she doesn't like the eye drops (but who does), and i think the antibiotics for her ears kicked in around 8:30ish...she got a major second wind. so she was up a bit later than normal, but about 10:30 she was out like a light and slept all night long...surprised the hell out of me...i thought for sure i was going to be up with her several times throughout the night. usually when she gets ear infections, she doesn't sleep well at all. i couldn't believe she hadn't given me any signs of the ear infection, no poking or pulling at her ears, she has been sleeping great, i felt so bad. so instead of a night of fun and crafting, i spent a night taking care of my baby, and that is right where i needed to be.

sorry...no pics for this post...my camera hasn't come out much these past few days...


jen April 6, 2009 at 6:31 AM  

oh my goodness! you poor thing. i hope she's feeling better today!

Cindy April 6, 2009 at 6:43 AM  

We missed you but you are right - you were right where you needed to be. I'm glad the night wasn't too horrible. Hope she is on the mend.

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