>> Monday, April 6, 2009

just two of ava's bunny pics...i'll post more later...they are loading so slow and i'm ready for some sleep!! anyway, brandi at b4 photography took them and they are wonderful, as usual! more to come...

this morning i got ava into the pediatric optomotrist recommended by the dotors office first thing! it all went really well except the part where the put drops in her eyes to dilate them. they did a full eye exam on her and said her eye looks better and we can stop the drops (thank goodness...she absolutly hates them). on another good note, the doctor said ava is a big far sighted, which is normal, and will probobly not need glasses...yay!!! on area i am glad she does not take after her daddy...he had glasses by the time he was 4...and probobly needed them a lot sooner, his eyes are terrible! the rest of the day we spent at home relaxing...it took a long time at the eye doctor this morning and didn't feel like going out again, that crazy wind doesn't help either! so she is doing much better and hopefully her ears are clearing up as well. we'll be making a trip to see her pediatrician next week to make sure the infection is totally gone.


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