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>> Wednesday, June 24, 2009

today ava and i headed out to haslet to have lunch and a playdate with my friend heather and her sweet little guy landon! heather and i used to teach kindergarten together in what seems to be a whole other life to me even though it wasn't that long ago. getting together with her makes me miss that other life a bit...or at least all the wonderful people that were in it. i have tried to keep in contact with many of my "teacher friends" but it's hard...people are busy, etc., etc. i am so thankful that heather and i have kept in touch...and even though we may not see each other very often, it is always a special treat to get together with her & catch up (& not just because of the fantastic food she spoils me with...including banana pudding....yummy!)
ava and landon are 7ish months apart and they are so funny together! ava didn't want to leave, she had such a great time playing with landon and all of his super fun toys! he is such a little sweetheart and i loved watching him and getting to know his personality a bit...we hadn't seen him since his first birthday, so he has grown and changed since's amazing how quickly kiddos grow and learn new things. one of my favorite moments today was when ava and landon decided to play chasey...they ran around chasing each other and laughing...there is just something so joyful about little children having fun and laughing...makes you just want to freeze the moment and stay there forever!
by the time we left, i think both kiddos had worn each other out and ava crashed in the car before we got out of the neighborhood! thank ya'll so much for such a wonderful really was a special treat & hopefully we can make it happen more often :)

i had my camera the whole time, but didn't get it out until just before we left...too busy visiting, i guess! anyway, both little sweeties with their blankeys...i tried to get them both resting on the floor...but this was as close as i could get!
isn't he the cutest?! i swear, if i didn't think heather would have noticed, i would have snuck him home with me!
ava "sleeping" on the floor...notice the cars she won't let go of! such a funny girl!


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