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>> Wednesday, June 17, 2009

sorry it's been a while since my last post...we've been busy! ava woke up sunday morning with a 101.5 temp. so we spent the day pumping her full of fluids and tylenol to bring the temp down. wasn't sure if it was teething, another ear infection, a bug, or what, but it was worrying me. monday morning she woke up fever free...i still called the doctor (spoke to a nurse). she said it was probobly a bug, but to keep her going on the fluids and keep an eye on things. so we took monday and tuesday pretty easy around the house and that pesky fever never returned! yay! tuesday morning i had a dr. appointment. everything is going good with little mister...got to hear his heartbeat, which is always reassuring to a worry wart of a mama...and we go back in two weeks for a sonogram/checkup. so excited we are to the ever two week visits...maybe this will help speed these last few months along. ava was getting pretty stir crazy by tuesday evening (as were bo and i) so we decided to go for quick swim over at nonna's pool (bo's mom). she lives just a few blocks away and the sun and family fun time really did us some good! we hung out over there for a while and then came home. ava got to watch some of her favorite movie (at the moment), spirit and then went to bed. she was pretty tired after the swimming! after she went to bed, bo and i spent the evening moving the computer from the office...soon to be hollis' room into the kitchen...i know, not the ideal spot for a computer, but i was definitly not putting it in the bedroom (that is a technology free zone) and the living room is so crammed with ava's toys, and pretty soon some baby gear (swing, etc) that i knew that wouldn't work. so in our tiny house, the 39" space between the refrigerator and the doorway to the living room worked out pretty well. i am just so relieved we are finally getting started on the babys room! only ten weeks to go, he'll be here before we know it! next on the list is to get ava's big girl bed painted so it can go in her room and the crib can be moved into hollis' room...she is getting pretty heavy and it's starting to get a bit hard on me to lift her in and out of her crib....so hopefully, next week, when bo is off, he can get her bed sanded and painted...if not, it's black, and as much as i want it to be "spring green" that can always wait! next week is the deadline, if it's not painted, it's going in black....and that's that!!
tonight after ava went to bed i did my pregnancy pilates video...the sidekick series....which i should have been doing religiously the entire time i've been pregnant...my legs are really suffering! why is everything so hard when your 30 weeks preggo? not wanting to complain, i feel totally blessed that we are having another baby and will feel especially blessed when he gets here and is healthy...but he is totally ruining my body!!!!! i've heard this rumor about boys...and always thought it was a rumor...WRONG!!! with ava, no stretch marks...so far, i've gotten a few from this guy, and with ten weeks to go, i'm sure i'll get even more(even though i have always applied my burt's bees mam bee belly butter daily, sometimes more that once...ugh! also, the spider veins and vericose veins that are appearing on my calves are making me sick! i can't believe it! i thought somehow that evil gene had somehow missed me and i have always been so thankful...WRONG AGAIN! it didn't miss me, it just waited a while to get here! ugh! i told bo that i will never ask him for any type of plastic surgery...i'm more of a do it yourself kind of girl, or find undergarments that make it look good...but if these icky veins don't at least calm down after this baby, i will be getting lasered, or tasered or whatever they have to do to make them dissapear! seriously! and i'm not even going to get into the cellulite....not even going to go there...let's just say, i have a lot of work to do after little guy gets here... ALOT of work to do! and like i said, i don't want to sound ungrateful, i am so thankful that this body has been a cozy home to two gorgeous children, and if i have to wear stretch marks for the rest of my life to show for it, i guess it'll be bearable...just some random thoughts from a hormonal pregnant lady that should be in bed!
sorry no pics...maybe next time!


jen June 22, 2009 at 11:39 AM  

sorry, i'm just now reading this...you poor thing! I'm sure things seem much worse through the lens of being 30 weeks pregnant. You have always been gorgeous, and always will be. It will all be worth it as soon as you see little hollis.
love you!

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