>> Friday, June 26, 2009

today i thought it would be fun to take ava up to nonna's salon and get her nails did :) we have been up there several times for donna to show off her grandbaby, but ava has never gotten her nails painted...too squirmy! i wondered how it would go and was hoping to get some really cute shots of her sittin' all pretty in the chair, hands out on the table, nonna painting away...but alas, she wasn't quite sure about the whole thing so she had to sit on my lap during the painting process, so this was as good as the pics could get! anyway, she eventually loved it and the little fan she got to hold her hands in front of to dry her nails...nonnna even painted her toesies to match! so sweet! i really do have the best mother in law in the world! we had a fun time and everyone oohed and ahhed over ava's pretty nails...i'm sure next time she'll sit in the seat by herself like a little pro all sassy and stuff! so now she has pink nails to match her pink swimsuit for her little family lake party on sunday...crossing my fingers they will still be pretty and pink!

okay, so i have the sweetest and cutest mother in law in the world! nonna and ava (being a bit of a grump...she was about an hour past her nap and not wanting a picture...but i was determined!)



jen June 29, 2009 at 5:29 AM  

awe, this is so cute! I bet Nonna enjoyed it too.

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