aahhhh. love.

>> Wednesday, November 10, 2010

love, sweet love.
i second shot a wedding last weekend and it was the most amazingly sweet couple with the most beautiful love. you could feel it through the whole day.
aren't they gorgeous?! {and her mama made her dress! wowza! isn't that awesome!?!} they had such a beautiful and unique wedding. everyone in their wedding party was so sweet and wonderful. everyone was just so happy and loved them so much. a perfectly perfect day.

i have been keeping busy. the kids, the husband, the house, the house, the house...seriously working to get uber organized! i have always dreamed of being one of those really organized people. i always feel so good when things are in order and in their place...but it never takes long for things to start falling apart. i am determined to turn over a new leaf! the organized, together amanda coming soon! i might even take pictures of my accomplishments to share! i know ya'll would totally love that, right!?


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