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>> Friday, November 19, 2010

{Andrew Atroshenko Ballerina Painting}

exciting news! we got ava all signed up for ballet/tap and a gymnastics class at the recreation center up the street from us. i had no clue they even offered classes and turns out they offer a bunch of really great classes for kids and even adults! {i'm talkin zumba, weight training, art, guitar lessons! wowza!} ava is so ready for something like this. she really loves being with other kids and it will be good for her to have to learn the social skills for being with others in a big group...she does great with a few kids, but this class has 15ish little ones. so the world will definitely not revolve around her for at least 45 minutes a week. I am so happy i discovered this little jewel and can't wait to get ava in her little dancing queen outfit!!! it's gonna be cute, ya'll!




jdavissquared November 29, 2010 at 8:27 AM  

yay! She's gonna love it! I know you will, but you must post pics of her dancing!

{you should take Zumba! You'll love it!}

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