{project 365} days 23-30...a little out of order.

>> Sunday, January 30, 2011

{day 24}
ava's hair. i love the way it smells. the way it shines in the sun. i was looking at how long it was getting while we were eating dinner and had to take a picture.

{day 23}

ava ready for her annual trip to the rodeo and stock show with nonna, kristi, and her cousins maddy and sydney! they always have a blast....& no moms allowed :( best mother in law in.the.world!

{day 25}
laundry...yes, it was ten o'clock and i needed a photo...this is my life after the kids go to bed.

{day 26}

hollis in his new kicks, courtesy of the always fabulous CSN stores! love those chubby little legs!

{day 28}

ava and eli {my sweet friend vickie's adorable nephew}. new friends. i love how children can meet and instantly become friends, invite each other into the other's life and just be happy. so refreshing and sweet!

{day 29}
ava's favorite toys right now...her my little pony happy meal toys. and yes, i am that mom that will drive through and buy only the toy because we are after a certain one. what can i say $1.50 for a toy that makes her world go round. not a problem for me.

{day 30}
sweet dreams sweet boy. love your bunny, love your musical seahorse. all the items you keep close when it's time for night night.
so thinking i should rename this "around the house" because it seems i always end up missing a day or two and as much as i love photographing outside, i seem to snap mostly inside. honestly, i was just glad to get a few snapshots this week...it has warmed up again and my allergies have been raging. i spent three days with a seriously evil sinus headache, so we didn't do much that was "picture worthy" this week. i do feel like a bad mommy because we went to the stock show on saturday and i didn't take the camera. it is so huge. i need to get a point and shoot for those types of outings. my mom had hers so hopefully i can get some shots off of it to share. it was hollis' first rodeo, you know!
weight loss update...for those of you still reading my ramblings...
i am down 6 pounds and it feels really good. i am actually going to go to a weight watchers meeting tomorrow & sign up so i can get the books, etc. i think it will really help keep me on track if i have the materials in hand to look at. and that sweet tooth just keeps coming on strong. it's a sickness really. but, i've been doing this for three weeks now, so i'm averaging two pounds a week...that's okay with me. my goal for feb. is to *try* getting in some exercise, too! thanks so much for cheering me on! it is definitely a battle every day!


jdavissquared January 31, 2011 at 10:00 AM  

I love your pics. And...WHOO HOO on the 6 pounds! You go girl! {yeah, i just typed that..hehe}
love you!

Tanya February 2, 2011 at 8:31 PM  

Great pics! Ava's hair is so beautiful! Argh, doing the folding, it seems to be a never ending chore! My granddaughter Avah has the same musical seahorse (in pink of course) she loves hers!

Congrats on losing 6 pounds.. that's awesome! xo

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