project 365 {days 9-14}

>> Sunday, January 16, 2011

okay, so pictures are all out of order and i've been up editing a session all evening, so i haven't had a chance to get day 15 ready and day 11...well, i have no clue where it is. also, i didn't get a photo today because, well, i left my camera at home while we were out running around. i chose to be able to enjoy my ava without watching through a tiny square snapping pictures. we went to a fun birthday party at chuck e cheese for her friend jonathan. he turned six. i still remember when he was born. crazy how fast time flies.
anyway, here are some shots from around our house and our lives this week! {i'll add a few when i find them...lord, this is harder than i thought...but i'm gonna keep it up! my 365 may turn into a in one photo to represent each week during the year. we'll see...i'm not ready to throw in the towel yet...i mean, it's only day 16!}
{day 13} it was late and i needed a my new favorite toy :)
{day 12} okay, i had to document this, as it NEVER happens around our house. my children are the type that have to be in there bed to fall asleep. falling asleep in high chairs just doesn't this was crazy to me! poor guy must have been really tired.

{ day 9} scrub a dub dub.

{day 10} 5 days old and such a beautiful boy.

{day 14} out at the carter's with the baby cow and all the pretty horses.

weight loss update coming tomorrow!


Tanya January 17, 2011 at 2:01 AM  

You're doing great Amanda! sometimes life just gets in the way :) loving all the pics, especially the highchair one, so cute! xo

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