bang, bang. choo choo train.

>> Thursday, July 21, 2011

oh yes, i did it. i got my hair did!! and in a last minute decision, i had my stylist {& good friend...if you are in ft worth and need a great stylist/fun salon to go to, let me know!!} cut those bangs we had trimmed to my chin...oh yes, i went all the way, people! i haven't had bangs in over 10 years...i think they are still in shock {my bangs, that is}. they are being a little squirrely...who thought you have to "train" bangs...oh hair, you make me laugh! anyway, i am excited about my new look and wanted to share. i was just so bored with my long, straight, style...was needing a little something different, shake things up a bit...& i'm glad i to train these bad boys ;)

isn't it amazing how wonderful a new hairstyle can make you feel? like a whole new person?! {and seriously, someone else washing your hair is the best feeling in the}




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