>> Tuesday, July 26, 2011

ava loves to dance and loves her dance class. there is only one person i think might love it a little bit more...hollis!! today she had her "show off" day at dance. parents and family can come watch, see what the girls are learning...not a recital, but they do have a few cute dances ready for us! ava did so well and totally rocked "on the good ship lollypop", oh yes, she did! after the girls finished their show, their sweeter than sweet instructor gave them all cupcakes and cookies and they got to play and dance for a bit. like a little party! finally, hollis got the chance to let his inner dancer out and show off his moves...they are pretty fabulous, if i do say so myself...of course, he did learn from the best! {and ava's cousins sweetly came to watch ava dance, they are the girls dancing with him! i love watching these kiddos interact with each other. it's so cute!} i hope you're ready for the cutest thing ever to hit the web, oh yes, my boy, in his dancing glory!!

{please excuse all of my laughing, but i was totally shocked at his little free spirit...he is a bit outgoing, but i don't think i knew just how much until today. really, i coudln't believe my eyes...}




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