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>> Monday, July 4, 2011

we spent sunday and monday out at lake weatherford. {bo's families lake house} we love it out there and it is a place where the whole family can just show up and everyone is welcome and has fun together. we planned to meet ricky, christina, and the girls out on sunday and we had the whole place to was so nice. Grammy and Grandaddy even stopped in for quick visit before we left.

maddy and ava walking in the water. ava loves being with maddy and i think she is learning so many wonderful things from maddy. she is just a sweetheart and i love that ava is looking up to her and sydney so much. they are amazing examples.

uncle ricky with maddy, sydney, and ava out on the jet ski.
a few people decided to ski right before a storm blew in...had to include this photo to show how L.O.W. the water is...seriously, two summers ago it was all the way up to the retaining wall several feet behind where i was standing to take this photo. it's crazy how every year the water is different. i prefer a lot more than we have this year. {when the beach is growing grass...we have a problem.}

the kiddos playing in the sand.

hollis playing on daddy's wakeboard. i bought this for bo for christmas probobly 8 years ago.

don't know why, just loved this shot.

by the time we got home, both kiddos were exhausted and sawing some logs in the back seat. it was such a fun day!

it means so much to me to have my children growing up out at lake weatherford. it is the cabin that their great grandpa {pawpaw} and their grandaddy built, the same beach that their grandaddy grew up on, the same water their daddy and uncle grew up swimming in, and now they are growing up in the same place. i love places that hold history, and the lake house holds a many stories; it is where i first met bo {that is another blog post all together}, where we fell in love under the sunshine.

now they get to make their own memories. {only we know about the skipping school and taking girls out hollis better never try that one! ha!}

hope you all had a happy 4th!



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