>> Wednesday, July 13, 2011

well, my mom and i left for vacations the same day. She and Felix drove up to minnesota the same day i took off for kansas. we caravaned through kansas and it was really nice to have a little safety net in case i ran into any issues. i have never drove that distance alone before, so it was a new {and wonderful} experience. anyway, my mom just got back in town late tuesday night and we spent yesterday evening over at her place swimming, eating, watching movies, and running to target! FUN! i am so happy she is back. we spend so much time over there that i have decided her house is an extension of ours. when we are there it is like we are home. i love that feeling. anyway, just a few shots from yesterday morning on the "castle" and last night swimming!

this was too funny. ava kept calling sam in the pool. he would swim out to her and then she and sam would swim back to the steps together! ha! she really did turn into more of a fish while i was gone. she spent a lot of time swimming at her nonna's house with her older cousins and i think she learned a lot by watching them!

the princess in her castle.

& more swinging...they love this big swing!

the kids are loving their swingset and i love that it was such a special gift from multiple sets of grandparents for both of their birthdays. we have some pretty amazing family around us!




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