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>> Tuesday, July 28, 2009

so it's been a very quiet week around here...just a few appointments here and there, a bunch of rainy weather, a rowdy two year old cooped up in the house, and a pregnant mama not feeling like doing much of anything. it's been calm with a lot of time spent around the house, which ava is not quite used to. she likes to go, go, go. several times she has put on her backpack or grabbed her "person" (avish for "purse") and headed to the door...the look she gives me when i bring her back to reality, that we are in fact not going anywhere is quite pethetic and breaks my heart...but not enough to "go" anywhere...especially in rainy, yucky weather. one nice thing about the break from the heat (and i use the term "break" very's still in the 90's people) is that my ankles have returned to their normal size! yes! i will enjoy this until the kankles return with the heat, i'm sure!
baby update:
i had a dr. appointment monday. only gained one pound..woohoo! so my total weight gain to date is 32lbs...yeah, i tried to keep it under 30...watcha gonna do?! anyway, the nurse said that baby was in a "happy" mood according to his heart rate...and he was doing a lot of dancing in my belly, so i would have to agree with her assessment. my blood pressure was good. they did the very pleasant "check to see if i am dialated" exam....nothing, nothing, nothing...not a thing! i think this child will hang out in his current digs until 40 weeks if it's up to him! so, it was a good visit, everythings going smoothly so far (knock on wood). hopefully things will continue to be uneventful...i learned after my pregnancy with ava that usually means things are good.
i will be getting another ultrasound in a few weeks to check the babies size...they may induce a few weeks early depending on the it so sad that i am kinda crossing my fingers that he is huge so we can get him out of there?! i start my weekly visits, so that just means the end is getting near...he could really be here in 3-4 weeks....oh my goodness...that seems like forever, but then i think of all we still need to get done and i kind of get a little bit panicky....why isn't babies r us open 24-7...i would go right now!!!!

ava had her very first dentis appointment today with a fabulous dentist, dr. strole. his office is strictly pediatric dentistry and everyone in there is sooooo incredibly nice. it's almost like a totally different world, everything is all kid friendly, the people are all any moment i feel they could stop working & break out into song together with a coreographed dance...probobly the closest thing to disney world we will ever get to (just kidding...i have promised myself i will take my kids to disney...i never have been, my parents never took us...throw in a little guilt there!) anyway, it was kind of a visit just to get ava comfortable in the environment. she loved it, she loved the people. she cried when she had to be held down by daddy and show the dentist her teeth. but dr. strole is a total pro and checked things out super quick and the crying ended and she was back up to her adorable toddler antics, stealing the hearts of the staff...she really can be very adorable! the dr. said her teeth looked fantastic, which i was so glad to hear. we brush them twice a day and sometimes more... ava loves to brush her teeth. so we're gonna keep it up and hopefully 6 months from now she'll still have gorgeous pearly whites...and more pearly whites...she still only has 6 teeth on the bottom (but is working on getting another one pushed through).

yeah, other than that...just a lot of housework, relaxing, coloring, playing going on....not even a picture to post with this...that is how lazy i have been....



Bounty July 29, 2009 at 5:23 AM  

Congratulation hun! I've just had my little boy 3 month ago. Beeing pregnant it's a great experience and writing a blog it's a lovely idea. When you will finally have your baby you will return here reading what did you do month per month....You are still stuck for names is a great place to search. I'm looking forward to read your next post! J

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