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>> Wednesday, September 16, 2009

today i took hollis to his one month appointment...and besides the fact that it took an hour and half at the doctors office....mostly sitting and waiting, everything went really great! his pediatrician says he is perfect (we are soooooo darn lucky!). i love our pediatrician and i love the office..not sure why the giant delay there today...oh well...good thing i got to leave ava home with bo. trying to keep her entertained there for that long while juggling an infant, paperwork, etc. just seems to be a bit much. i always plan appointment for times when bo is off work and awake, makes my life a bit easier and gives ava some special daddy daughter time!

so anyway...hollis at one month:
~ 24 1/2 inches long
~ 11.2 pounds
~ still sleeping like a newborn...a lot! (and i am trying to soak up all the snuggles i can...i am dealing with the realization that this will be our last baby, so trying to savor every moment!)
~ nurses every three hours (sometimes four)
~ will sleep alright in your bassinet, but will sleep "like a baby" in bed with me. i swore i would never do this (put a baby in bed with me to scared i might roll on you or something) but i have to have energy with ava in the daytime, so sometimes (alright, most nights!) you end up in bed with me, at least for a few hours.
~ you still have a head full of hair
~ your eyes are still blue
~ wearing some newborn clothes still, but have moved you into more 0-3 month are growing so fast...sigh...
~you have started focusing on faces & i swear you looked at me and smiled yesterday. not because of a gas bubble or toot, but because you saw me and know i am your mama.
~ you are content in your swing, but really love to be snuggled. in someones arms is your favorite place to rest.

so that's mr. hollis' one month update! he is doing really well. the doctor says he looks great and ava, bo and i are all signed up for flu shots next week. even though i am home with the kids, we just think it's a good precaution to take with an infant and a toddler in the house.

some other news around our house:
we have been looking into getting a larger civic just isn't cutting it with two tall parents and car seats in the back. we have to scoot the drivers seat so far up because of the car seats and it makes it a bit difficult to drive sometimes. we also would like a bit more space than what my car offers. i love my civic, but it just isn't big enough. has been looking online for months now at different suv's and tonight he went to a dealership in grapevine and bought us a new tahoe! okay, not a "new" tahoe, but a "new to us" tahoe! it's a 2004, and was just what we were looking for! yay! we pick it up tomorrow! i can't wait! we are going to keep the civic. bo is working at the trianyard by alliance, so he'll take the car now and get better gas mileage than he got in his old ford pick up! so it all works out.

so...that's all for now! hope you are having a great week!



jen September 17, 2009 at 7:33 AM  

Yay! How exciting about the new car!

I can't believe Hollis is a month old! He is so precious. I got all misty when you said he smiled at you!

Love you guys!

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