>> Wednesday, September 30, 2009

so it's been a while since i have actually posted about what's going on in our world lately! really, things haven't been too busy, a few play dates here, running errands there, we are kind of living the simple life right now. yesterday, bo, ava, and i all got flu shots. hopefully that will keep us all healthy during this crazy flu season. we have been so lucky with ava (and so far hollis...knock on wood), she has never really been sick with anything other than an ear infection....so hopefully this will continue! she does have three teeth coming in right now and that is causing her to be a bit grouchy, but other than that, she is her normal spunky toddler self! the weather has been a bit cooler latley, so we have been taking her to the park a bit more and she is loving that. she is definitly an outdoor girl.
i have been walking with bo's aunt jennifer a several nights a week trying to walk off some of this weight...i am breast feeding (i have had some people ask), but just like with ava, for some reason it doesn't seem to make the weight come off me any quicker. i'm guess i'm not one of the lucky ones. i have started counting calries though and cut waaaaayyyyy, waaaayyyy back on the sugar intake, so hopefully with daily exercise, and the breastfeeding that will get me shrinking soon! just trying to remember that it took 9 months (x2) to gain all this, so it may take a while for it to come off!
my cousin alex and his wife kirstin are coming in for a visit this weekend and i can't wait!!! they are sooooo much fun and such good company! i wish we lived closer so we could hang out with them more often. not sure what we'll do, depends on the weather, i guess...maybe the zoo, or cowboy stadium, or taking ava to boomerangs for some fun...we are definitly taking them to joe t.s one night. my mom is gonna watch the kiddos so we can have a kid free dinner! that will be a treat!
hollis is growing quick! can't believe he is almost 7 weeks old! where does the time go? he is still sleeping a lot, but his wakeful time during the day is increasing, which is fun! we love to talk to him and make him smile! and of course, ava loves to hold him and be in his face most of the day! they are gonna be such a fun pair...i can already imagine the shenanigans they are gonna bring on!
bo is working a lot and has been working on fixing pawpaw's lawn mower. he is such a mr. fix it! i love that! seriously, he can fix anything! other than that, he has been spending a lot of time with us on his days off, which we love!
sooooo, that's about it. hope ya'll are doing well and having a great week! sorry for picture drought...shame, shame! i'll make sure to get some new ones posted in the next few days!


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