gettin' his hair did...

>> Sunday, January 24, 2010

this gorgeous little man got his hair did for the first time saturday night over at his grammy and granddaddy's house! we were at our monthly birthday/anniversary/anything we can celebrate party and his autnie liz cut it! it was getting so long on top and hanging down in his told me to cut it, but i preferred a professional & liz is awesome! it is kind of sticking up in this pic...the style had kind of faded by the time we got home, but he looks so handsome and i {heart} his little face with his new do!
{& those baby blues are just about killing me these days....i still can't believe we have a blue eyed baby! still crossing my fingers they stay that way!}
other news...ava is doing so good on the potty training! it has been 10 days now and i am so proud of her! the past two days have been accident free! what?! so awesome! as much of a hassle as it was in the beginning, life is so much easier with her going on the potty and she is so proud of herself {& i don't think she thinks the rewards are bad, either! ha!...yes, i bribe my child!} nonna {bo's mom} took her to the stock show today with maddy and sydney and they had a blast! & even with all the schedule changes, she still didn't have an accident! she is totally boss! she had so much fun and returned to me face painted, GIANT bag of cotton candy, new jewelry, and one sleepy girl! we spent the rest of the day over at grams and felix's house watching football and playing play doh, princesses, kitty cat {she is now loving pretending to be a kitty cat}, and just having a nice relaxing day! i swear, my kids are so, so lucky to have so many wonderful people in their lives that adore them so much! i love that they are getting to grow up near their grandparents, cousins, aunts and uncles. i grew up far away from mine, only visiting a few times a year...i always wanted to be close to them. anyway, it's been a fun weekend and i'm hoping to make it to the zoo early this week and return to the stock show with the kids on wednesday so i can see my girl light up on all the rides and swoon over the piggys which she says are "so cute".


jen January 25, 2010 at 12:23 PM  

He is so darling! The first thing I thought when I opened this post was..look at those blue eyes!
I'm glad you're near family too, but I wish you were near me!

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