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>> Tuesday, January 19, 2010

some couch sleeping...onstott's love their naps on the couch :)
busy has been building lots of towers...
running around on gorgeous afternoons with grams in the front yard...
watching and dreaming of running around in the front yard with grams and busy.
& of course, playing with the chipmunks {the complete set, i might add!}
we have been having some really fun days lately. nothing ground breaking or majorly different, just feeling very connected to one another and enjoying the littlest of things together. ava is also doing really great with the potty training! i'm so proud of her! she has had one accident every day since we've started training {5 days ago}, but i think that's pretty darn good. she still doesn't tell us she has to go, & if i ask, the answer is always a firm "no", but i just take her every 30 minutes or so and she does pretty well with that. today we actually had a break in the resistance. she went a few times tonight without any whining...of course, she may have just been showing off for daddy {he was off work today, & it was pretty much the first time he has been aroudn to help us with the potty business...he's been working a lot of overtime..}! whatever, i'll take it! i braved the zoo today alone with the kids. {i usually drag daddy along with us!} it was a gorgeous morning and we can't let that zoo pass go to waste...i think i might cry when ava turns three and we have to either get her a pass or pay for her each time...blah! she asked for the birds the whole time we were there and when we finally got there {usually our last stop}, they didn't dissapoint! it wasn't a field trip day or busy 1/2 price day, so the birds were hungry and ready to eat! ava is getting them to climb on her stick all by herself now and carry them around! she had three birds at one time, even! and then a cockatiel landed on her head, which she thought was hilarious, & i was wishing for my camera...didn't even bother bringing it along...i knew i had my hands full without it! hopefully next time i can get some good pics of her in all her birdy glory to share! it's pretty fun to watch her. of course, hollis slept through most of the zoo...i was a bit worried when we got there and i realized i forgot his paci...but he did great without it & i realized i don't need to rely on it so much. he's pretty much a happy little guy :)
then ava spent the afternoon playing on the porch with daddy and a bunch of his toys from when he was little...of course the cars were her favorite! that girl loves her cars! i can already see her outside in some mini coveralls helping daddy work on cars! i have dreams of them fixing up an old mustang together for her first car....i so hope she enjoys that with her, would be awesome for her to know the mechanics of the car so if she ever has a problem she can take care of it herself! but, we have a long ways to go before those days....of course, they'll be here before we know it!
hope you are all having a great week so far!


Heather January 20, 2010 at 5:40 PM  

Yeah for Ava!! I'm so glad the potty training is going well. That is the one thing that I am terrified of. We are going to try it this summer and see how it goes. I may be calling you for some tips!!

jen January 21, 2010 at 8:18 AM  

we must go to the zoo when we come visit!

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