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>> Friday, January 8, 2010

so life has been pretty simple around here...we have been spending a lot of time inside, as it is super cold outside! i think we are starting to get cabin fever and may have to take a drive out to see mimi and poppy in granbury tomorrow or just go for a drive if timing doesn't work out. today was a hard day. ava has recently really been testing us {well, me!} and today was the worst of it so far. i feel like i spent all day feeding hollis and getting onto i said, cabin fever setting in...feeling so frustrated. ava was on a nap strike and this child needs a nap! NEEDS one! and then i went in to check on her {because i heard her say "ewwww, a mess"...not what you want to hear from your supposed to be sleeping toddler!} and she had pulled off her diaper and gotten poo everywhere...yeah, i said it on my blog, poo! so then this sent me into frustration about potty training and why haven't i gotten her there yet? just feeling a little overwhelmed today...this too shall pass. hoping that this new "attitude" ava has developed doesn't linger long...i can't stand it...anyway, here are a few sweet moments of the kids together.

{i love how when ava reads to hollis she always has to have her finger run along the page...words or no words! ha!}

she has been wanting to hold him a lot lately...even feed him! it cracks me up! if he is crying she lifts up her shirt and says "aba feed hollis!" always gives me a laugh!
so yeah, this tired mama is off to bed. it's gonna be another day tomorrow and i have to have all my wits about me to deal with little miss sassy pants.


MELANIE January 9, 2010 at 8:58 AM  

I wonder how many times I thought, "this too, shall pass" when my kids were a little younger!! I think our kids are about the same distance apart (mine are 2 yrs, 2 months apart). I know exactly how you felt when you posted this! You're a good mama and it honestly does get easier!! :) Your kids are soooo stinkin' cute!! I think we need to have a playdate soon! I'd love to get together!

Meg January 10, 2010 at 4:21 PM  

I can't remember exactly how old Ava is now...but they talk about terrible two's and I swear that three was WAY harder with Shelby. 4 was such a relief! These little priss girls are quite the handful...But oh so good big sisters. Hang in there!

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