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>> Thursday, February 3, 2011

it has been one crazy week around here...snow and ice came late monday morning and we haven't left the house since. {well, bo has to go to work, but the kids and i have been housebound} It has actually been pretty nice. I love looking outside and seeing the snow. it's so beautiful. i stocked up on groceries so we've had plenty to eat and honestly i feel like all i do all day is make meals, clean up meals, make meals, clean up meals....which i guess is how i usually feel, but the day is broken up by some outings. tuesday night was the coldest night in 15 years, 7 degrees with a windchill of -13...yes that is a negative sign cold! i know that shortly the sun will come out, melt away the snow. temps will rise and before we know it we will be running around in shorts and tank tops sweating our buns off! so, i'm enjoying every single second of this frigid weather {and it's getting us ready for our minnesota trip, anyway! a little cold weather boot camp! ha!} just a few silly shots from this week...both over exposed, but the only ones i got of these fun you know, just enjoy :)
this child and his paci's! he cracks me up. this was the first time i've seen him perform this double paci stunt. cracked me up...and he thought he was pretty tricky!
the only shot i've gotten of both kids in the snow. just imagine, moments before i snapped, we had just gotten all layered and bundled up to go outside {yes, i see that hollis is in desperate need of some cold weather gear! as soon as i can get out i'll be getting it...but don't worry, i think he had on about 5 layers of clothes, he was nice and toasty}, as soon as we get out, i ask the kids for a picture and ava pushes hollis down in the snow...actually they both end up in the snow. hollis doesn't like it one bit and his fronyard snow venture is over. they both need some waterproof soon as they get a little wet those little hands get pretty cold.
we only were able to stay out about 10 minutes because the wind really picked up and it started snowing again. we were all popscicles by the time we got then we had hot chocolate and some yummy taco soup to warm ourselves up!
so, that's been a little bit of our week. hibernating for the winter.


Tanya February 4, 2011 at 12:01 AM  

Your freezing & we're melting over here! I'm staying inside to keep cool! Cute pics of your babies :) xo

jdavissquared February 4, 2011 at 8:10 AM  

Awe, love it! That's alot of snow for you guys! Hibernating was just what I needed this week!

When is your trip?

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