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>> Tuesday, February 15, 2011

didn't do so hot on the 365 this week...still going to continue...just try to pick up where i left off! not sure why this past week was harder..probobly because we didn't do much of anything, so i didn't feel like there was anything really exciting to take photos of. there were definitely a few special moments {ava writing her first "a"}, but they passed quickly and the camera was too far away to grab in a hurry. so i just got to enjoy them, which is nice, too :) so here are a few shots from the past week...

{day 45} valentine's day of course! one of ava's rocks. she has a knack for finding heart shaped ones. so she has her own heart shaped rock collection. this one is my favorite. maybe i should let her paint it....
{day 44} from a sweet family session. this home was full of love soaking in all the beauty of a new life.
{day 40} seriously, my fingers froze from the walk from the car to the rec. center where ava's ballet class is. bbbrrrrrrrr....
{day 39} poppy swung by with the puppies. such a fun surprise! the kids love walking them :)


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