project sort of 365 {days 49-53}

>> Tuesday, February 22, 2011

so lots has gone on in our world this past week and a half...mostly involving sick little ones, which is never fun. {so you know by "lots of stuff" i mean, throw up, medecine, snuggles, whining, crying, liquid forcing, and oh yes, don't forget the hot dinarenas} so, again, not a lot to take pictures of, but still gave it a go.
once reverse order :/ i swear i'll get it right next week!

{day 53}
this is such an incredibly rare occurance..both kids asleep on the couch at the same time...yeah, we know they are both still not feeling good. bo was so sweet and ran to grab the camera, something he never does. i am so glad he caught this moment for these babies so much and just wish they were feeling better.
{day 52}
ava sleeping on the couch...never happens, she's totally sick. but looks like such an angel.

{still day 52}
total angel.

{day 51}
happy first birthday sweet boy. isn't he a doll! had so much fun out on his grandparents farm this past sunday! he is a total oudoorsy boy, just like my kids!

{day 50}
max. such a good boy.

{day 49}
hello squirrel...again. in her favorite "wish bear" shirt. the stars definitely make it a "wish bear" shirt. i decided our bedroom needed some major attention, so while hollis was napping i set ava up with the laptop and an instant movie from netflix while i worked! the light is so pretty in our bedroom. i am ready to get it all in order so it can be my "haven"...isn't that what the oprah says?! yes, this was before the sickness crept in on her...i miss that wild girl...ready for her return.


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