ava turns 4

>> Thursday, June 30, 2011

today my baby girl turned 4. we spent the day celebrating and having fun doing everything ava loves! we started by opening up some presents...this one was from uncy d, aunt amber, kaitlin, & jack. she LOVES her ballet barbies and was so excited when she opened this one up!

on our way to chuck-e-cheese...ava wanted to see mickey mouse, but the chuck-e-cheese mouse had to fill those big black shoes today. she was okay with that!
hollis and daddy watching ava ride the rides...hollis wasn't too sure about any of them at first. he wanted to sit in them but freaked out when we put in a token and they started to move and make noise! too funny!

ava loves this ride and insists on going on it first every trip! her feet can't quite reach the pedals so daddy has to help her get it going! too cute!

after chuck-e-cheese, grans took hollis home with her and bo and i took ava to see cars 2. she loved it and brought her purse full of cars to play with during the movie. then we headed back to grans house to swim, swim, swim! ava turned into a fish today and swam all over the pool without her water wings. she really amazes me every day! then it was time for cake...the cake ava made...her GIANT cupcake.

making wishes and blowing out candles.

then we watched lilo and stitch {well, part of it} before we had to head home. both of the kids were so tired from all the fun! Ava had so much fun today and we had such a blast celebrating and spoiling our girl.

night, night!


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